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Illustrious Generation

Alex(andra), the Duchess of Tuwer, Lady of Serfere, 13th in the line to the throne of the House of Wafflonia.

"Não consentiu a morte tantos anos
Que de Herói tão ditoso se lograsse
Portugal, mas os coros soberanos
Do Céu supremo quis que povoasse.
Mas, pera defensão dos Lusitanos,
Deixou Quem o levou, quem governasse
E aumentasse a terra mais que dantes:
Ínclita geração, altos Infantes."

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(2/) favourite pictures of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark


"I think William should look up more when giving speeches, especially when he is making jokes or speaking about personal things. He always seems to be looking at his notes." - Submitted by Anonymous


"I wonder how the royals get condoms. Who do they have to ask every time they need a new stash? How embarrassing!" - Submitted by Anonymous


Make Me Choose

Anonymous asked →  Charles or Philip


Things to look forward to after Oz:

  • Harry’s 2 official visits 
  • the white uniform might show up for one
  • Leonore’s christening 
  • Trooping the Colour
  • Mary and Frederik’s anniversary 
  • the hope that Carl Philip will fucking propose 
  • George’s 1st birthday jk we ain’t getting any pictures jokes on u
  • Photo calls
  • summer fun pics 
  • idk what but it’s summer so you never know who will pop up
  • oh and the world cup usa usa usa 


Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik are currently on a state visit to China from the 24th of April to the 28th.

The visit is  to focus on the broad Danish-Chinese cooperation in areas such as energy and the environment, innovation, investment, transport, maritime sectors, health, food, and food safety and Danish design. Read more about the program.

Source: Kongehuset.dk